Monday, June 11, 2012

Papier Crépon, Part Deux! And a few "I'm Sorrys"

Life. Tis a busy little game. I've been gone, but now I'm back, and we've no time to waste!

So, last time we spoke, I said the next post would be within a week, and by week I actually meant a week, but it turned into two months and so here we are! Apologies.

As promised, more crepe paper streamer substitutes!

Isn't this dreamy? It's so whimsical and lovely and the lights behind the tulle make it look like a little slice of magic. Carter & Cook know what they're doing!

This is so cool to me. You might not be able to tell, but these are mirrored tiles! White Christmas lights hung first on the rod and then a strand of mirror garland overlapping it. So modern and nifty for a backdrop! You can find all the deets here at apartment therapy.

Who doesn't love a good tassel? This strand of beauties from a dreamy New York Wedding is one for the books. The wedding dress? Gorgeous. The venue? Fab. The color scheme? Inspired by the New York City skyline at sunset. Wipe your chin (you're drooling) and head on over to Style Me Pretty for a fetching little peek!

One of my fav ideas to turn a simple dinner party into something with pizazz! (Haven't heard pizazz since your 5th grade art teacher used it to describe your project (or lack thereof)? Well, I'm bringing it back!) Got this nifty idea from Jenny Komenda, interior design extraordinaire & author of Little Green Notebook. She's got her own post coming in a few!

They do it again! Might seem boring & plain but I love the rope and fabric strung together to give it a garden party/nautical/woodsy feel. Lot of conflicting descriptives there, and yes, I understand, but it made sense to me. The whole wedding photoshoot is one of the most dreamy things I've ever seen, but I wouldn't expect anything less from Carter & Cook! Their events make you swoon and sway to dreamy music you didn't even know was playing.

I actually have a box under my bed and another in my closet full of glass bottles so one day I can pull this off. Can't even tell you how much I love it! It's from the wedding of Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic--a fun, rustic, vintage engagement-party-turned-surprise-wedding! A heavenly affair to say the least. 

I mean are you not LOVING IT??? It's like a little bit of Anthro and a little bit of enchantment and a whole lotta work. But worth it.

 I've got to catch you up to speed on a few more things I'm loving (and leaving) so batten down the hatches, it's time to set sail!

Ahaha. I just love cheesey lingo. Stay tuned!

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