Friday, September 27, 2013

Tour de France: Marant Style

Hear ye,  hear ye! 
This is the official announcement of the unofficial conversion wherein this blog becomes less about not being a fashion blog and more about being a fashion blog.
Accept it.
Embrace it.
Move on.

You know what I love? Collaborations. Meeting in the middle. Melding of the minds.
This, my friends, is gonna be a doozy.

Isabel, meet H&M.
H&M, thank you.

November 14th marks the official launch date where the French designer Isabel Marant & a company favorite, H&M, rub elbows, swap stories, and give us something to pinch pennies for. Marant takes all the hip, cool (did I just use those two words in the same sentence?) Parisian street style our hearts could want & makes it accessible to Americans such as ourselves. I pine over most everything she creates; I recently joined the wedge sneaker club thanks to Ms. Marant. Granted they're Fake Its, but it alludes to the fact that I'm a fan, right? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? What can I say, I like the aesthetic.

Paris Chic, I think I love you.


Aren't you so inspired? Bring on the fringe boots, prints & patterns, & leather EVERYTHING!
Vogue is right--start making your wishlist now!

"I think my clothes are speaking about me better than anything."
Bingo. If I could sum up my life in a nutshell.

Marant with H&M Creative Advisor, Margereta van den Bosch, in Paris.

Save the Date, kiddies!
Time & money well spent.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Keep Calm & Kerry On

If you've been out & about (which I assume you have) for any length of time in the past 9 months that is the year 2013, then you've noticed a little something I like to call the Kerry Washington Takeover.

I have to admit. This post has been a long time coming.

And rightfully so--Washington slays as Olivia Pope, (Scandal Season 3 premieres October 3rd!!!) the love-to-love Fixer & resident it-girl of Primetime TV; she's incredibly intelligent (think Manhattan's Spence School & a double major in anthropology & sociology from GWU, where she received an honorary Doctorate last Spring & just so happened to give a stellar Commencement Address); she gives great advice (even if those questions are semi-ridiculous); she's hilarious (no, really--she's funny); she's making history; she's probably one of my most favorite people that I've never met (I know, I know).

BONUS: she sings. Kerryoke! And--she's the Guest Judge on this season's Project Runway Finale. Hey-o!

Women aren't crazy when they say, "I want to be Olivia Pope."
What they don't realize?
The literal translation of that statement is, "I want to be Kerry Washington."
I don't blame them.
(She's my choice to play me in a movie of my life.) 

Girlfriend is EVERYWHERE.
Exhibit A:

18+ glossy covers in 15ish months.
Vogue's next. Remember you heard it here first!

Did I mention that she's nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in Sunday night's Emmy Awards? Excuse the lyrical delineation, but the girl's on fire.

ANDDD... she was just voted People's Best Dressed Woman in the World. Makes total sense.
Here's why:

The issue hits newsstands today! Also? I would wear every single dress seen above.
Best Dressed Woman, indeed. 
Who even knew I cared about a title like that? Consider that challenge accepted.

You guys. I think she's going to win the Emmy. I can feel it in my gut (How Olivia Pope of me). She's in good company though. If she does win...prepare yourself for Monday's post.

There's lots more fangirling where this came from!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Step Into My Office

Since I'm not at Lincoln Center wearing sky-high pumps & a glitzy arm party for Fashion Week (cue weeping & wailing & tearing of clothes), I'm spending the next week or so totally engrossed in all things Big Apple. Most recently, I've taken a lovely fascination with Moda Operandi, the firm that takes the runway's best collections (think Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, DKNY) & makes them available for purchase--even pieces that don't make it to the retail buyer's sales floor. You can order online through their e-commerce boutique, or (if you're thinking what I'm thinking) make an appointment with a stylist at the downtown office. And, if you're lucky, you might even see founder & Vogue Contributing Editor (& it-girl) Lauren Santo Domingo, one of my style icons. Seriously! My Matchbook Profile even says so. 

This month's Architectural Digest took a tour of the company's Manhattan office & I am in love. A fiddle fig, neon sign, pale pink walls, John Robshaw & Jonathan Adler?

Say no more.

Don't you love it? I'm pretty confident I could get a lot of work done in any one of these spaces. As a fun bonus, check out this exclusive AD Pinterest board curated by Lauren herself!