Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love 'Em or Leave 'Em

Since we last spoke, I've found a few things that can't NOT be shared. They're frilly and fun & totally things you could (but shouldn't) live without. And then there's a few things I'm not so crazed about & thought you might want to know, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

When The Shops at Target debuted back in May, I was literally beside myself. I am the poster child for materialism and it's not a pretty picture. The first moment I could spare, I swooped in & bought (at least) one thing from each of the 5 shops and have yet to regret it. The Webster is a 20,000 square foot luxury boutique and I'm so glad they brought a little bit of Miami Beach to T-town! This silk flamingo robe is currently my favorite piece in my wardrobe, & I actually find myself wishing that I could wear it in public. Yikes! It's vintage-y & old Hollywood & makes me feel like a director somewhere should yell, "Quiet on the set!" & make a movie of my life. Wait, I felt like that before I had the robe.

I think we're all allowed guilty pleasures (regretting saying that as I'm typing this) and this is mine. For the rest of my life. Not that the show will last that long, but there's enough scandal (pun intended!) to last my lifetime. Good thing is I'll never have to fill the void! When I'm 46, someone will ask me "What's your guilty pleasure?" and I'll say "Oh! Don't have one anymore. I got enough of one when I was 21." 

OH. MY. GOSH. It's that good. And wrong & totally morally bankrupt & twisted but I couldn't stop watching. I watched the entire Season 1 Finale standing 3 feet away from the television. Did you get that? I stood the whole time. 

I'm not endorsing it & DEFINITELY not encouraging you to watch it, but confession is good for the soul. 

Don't watch, don't get hooked like me, and don't tell my mom.

I actually can't remember how I stumbled upon Noble House but I'm sure glad I did! It's a fun & even more fab jewelry line out of Houston & designed by the phenomenal Sarah Lowery Ng. Seriously, her etsy shop is amazing & while it might be a tad out of my price range, they are beauties nonetheless.

Here's a few of her pieces you can set your sights on.

Tribal & neon & chunky & everything your closet needs this summer!

Now onto the things that aren't as fab but need to be said anyway.

This book caught my eye one day at my beloved Barnes & Noble & before I knew it, I was plopped down on my couch at home, getting lost in 1938 New York City & all its fanfare.

Really, it's a Fitzgerald sort of novel, & it gives you an incredibly vivid picture of the characters & the lives they live & I was literally gasping at the end of every chapter because I couldn't believe it had been better than the last.

And then I got to chapter 19 and everything went south. 

It dashed even my wildest hopes that it would be the book of my dreams. I wanted to love it (and DID almost all of it), but the story took a turn even I didn't see coming. If I could cut and paste a few chapters I'd be a little happier, and despite a major blow half-way through that I'm trying to complain about here, it will probably sit on my shelf and rest as a fav. I'm feeling torn.

If you can get past a few chapters & undesirable plot twists, I think you'll love it. Like I said, it's like reading about Gatsby & Daisy & Bendel's & The Plaza & that's all well & good. They use phrases like "Zowie!" & "That's the cat's pajamas!" & have names like Tinker Grey & Wally Wolcott & Katey Kontent & gave me a reason to put a whole lot of stock in that era as my fav.

Don't read it! Or do. But don't say I didn't warn you.

There's a few other things I'd love to tell you I loathe, but who wants to dwell on the negative? Not me! Plus, I've run out of time & am shocked I even got two posts up within 24 hours of each other! A festivus miracle. 

T-minus-3 days til the weekend! Every little bit helps. 

**I'm wanting to retract my previous negative comments in regards to Rules of Civility. I've just reread the last three chapters & I think I love it more than life itself. Forgive me!

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