Monday, January 28, 2013

"I'm Francesca Barger & I'm not an actor." But maybe I should be.

Notice anything new? 
New look! 
New do!
 It looks like a legitimate blog!
Like you even care.

Last night was award show numero dos & it was a doozy.
I love the SAG Awards because the opening mini-monologues by the A-listers are usually pretty humorous. And you know how I feel about witty banter.

Let's recap shall we?

Can anyone confirm whether or not she tore her dress on her way up to accept her award? Maybe not. Butttttttt.....maybe so.

I mean she's having a baby, (not due til......June.....) but I still loved it.

Mean Girls? The Musical? I'm sorry--could you say that again?
I couldn't hear you over my squeals of delight.

Her 'duet' with Hugh Jackman was so hilarz.


When did JT get his SAG card? From his breakthrough performance on The Mickey Mouse Club?
I'm sorry, that was mean. And totally called for.
You're welcome, by the way.

Did you know she wore $3 million worth of Harry Winston jewels at the Golden Globes? 
That is all.

She's sounding more American, no?

Really, I just liked it from the waist down, but, whatever.
The convo she had with Guiliana on the Red Carpet last night went something like this:

Guiliana: "They say you're one of the nicest people in Hollywood! You and Hugh Jackman."
Julianne: "Really? Oh! (laughs) Hugh Jackman lives down the street from me."
Guiliana: "Really?"
Julianne: "(smiles toothlessly in that Julianne Moore way of hers) Yeah." 

I live with my parents.

Moving on. And out, apparently.

She was looking AMAZING at the Golden Globes, too.
I literally cannot even wait to see her as Princess Di this year.

Stop it. Don't act like you're surprised.

That's all she wrote, folks!