Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthday Wish List

VI. Six. 6. 
The number following 5 and preceding 7.

Also the number of days left in my teenage career.

That's right ladies and gents. Only 6 days stand between me and the big 2-0.
I couldn't be more excited! 19 has been good to me, but yes, it is indeed time to move on. 

With a birthday comes candles, cake, streamers, balloons, dinner dates with friends, and maybe even a pinata or two! And of course...birthday wish lists. I'm always so bad at letting my parents know what I want in an organized list but this year I did my best to cooperate with my mother and let her know, first things first.

A few of those firsts include...

Number 1:



I've only been begging to go back since the day I left 2 years ago. There's so much to love about this place. Let me grab a couple girlfriends, put us on a plane, don't expect us back for a week. 

Okay, a weekend is probably more feasible and it'll more than likely have to be a road trip! But I don't mind.

Number 2:

I fell in love with these sheets from Anthropologie right before Christmastime when I was searching for treats to add to my 'Dear Santa' List. 

The design is composed of vintage love letters from a shop in Brooklyn, NY. I DIE.

Now, if I just had my own apartment to go along with them...

Number 3:

I love it so much I don't even need to be specific.
I believe the store front says enough.

Number 4:

April showers bring May flowers, and what do May flowers bring? 

Contrary to popular opinion, they do not in fact bring Pilgrims as once described (heartbreaking, I know) but they are known for simply bringing more rain and crazy weather! Well, in Tulsa that is. Which means I have put considerable thought into how to prepare myself for the deluge of thunderstorms and tornado watches (please, Lord, NO!). 

The dilemma lies in which color to choose! Olive, Pink, Navy, Green, Red, Chocolate, Aubergine (which is a delightful shade of purple, trust me I did NOT come up with that one on my own)...the possibilities are endless!!

Number 5:

Number 5, Part A--These classic wayfarers=Spring/Summer/Poolside.

Number 5, Part B--PERFECT for Fall/Winter/Every Season.

Number 6:

Thanks to J. Crew, #6 is a 'two-for-one' deal. They go perfect together and this makes it possible for Mom and Pops to knock out two gifts in one store. I'm just trying to make it easy.

Number 7:

Go big or go home, right?