Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wall of Fame

"I love a parade!" 

And a good gallery wall.

I mean honestly, is there anything better? Such a great way to fill an empty wall or awkward hallway that needs something but you're just not sure what. I say, overload it! Less is not more in this scenario.

I've gathered quite a collection of art and pictures and fun knick-knacks for my own gallery wall that is starting to appear in my bedroom as we speak. I will, however, admit that I was feeling a little overwhelmed with which picture should go where and trying to figure out measurements and I found that my hand was cramping from crossing my fingers in hopes all the pieces would fit on the designated wall. I was worn out before I'd even started! (Although, what else is new?)

Never fear though; I found the BEST tips-&-tricks-save-the-day-DIY-tutorial that solved all of my problems and I'd like to think I'll head home after work & embark on this great design task.

Sherry & John over at Young House Love washed all my troubles away with their post about using newspaper templates for the frame placement. How have a lived my whole life without figuring this out? Geeze Louise, it's safe to say I've been living in a hole devoid of design simplicity.

Anywayyyyy, there's step by step pics over on their blog & I intend to mimic every last one!

Here's their finished product and I genuinely believe it rests as one of my favorite gallery walls in the history of gallery walls. 

Sigh. Love those crisp white frames!

Here's a few more winners:

Don't even act like your heart's not beating faster after you saw this pic of Andy & Kate Spade's NYC Home

Love both of these walls (above and below) in Jenny Komenda's New York loft. The gallery wall in the dining room is gone now, I think, but I still love! 

Funny how she keeps showing up here, huh? I shall divulge more of her artistry & flair in posts to come.

Stripes! Monogram! Cameo! Heaven. Tori Mellot's Apartment

Gah, talk to me about this images of Ralph Lauren's home in Bedford, NY. Seriously? I didn't know I could love something so much.

Last, but certainly not least, the inspiration behind my own gallery wall: wall in the office of Alaina Kaczmarski, mastermind behind the lifestyle blog Live Creating Yourself & co-founder of the blog that has literally changed my life (I'm being totally serious & not funny & not dramatic), The Everygirl. I actually cried the first time I visited it--what a sap, right? Long story. They're on the calendar for next week's post.

It's maybe not so much that the gallery wall is impressive as it is the woman who sits behind that desk. That lamp's not so bad either.

BONUS! Not a gallery wall but might as well be. 

Morton Street Penthouse in Brooklyn, part of the work of the men of MADE.

I'm feeling happier just knowing you know how I feel about gallery walls. 
Wish me luck!

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