Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh, time does fly...

Well, I suppose I'll start off by apologizing tremendously for my absence from this pretty little page. Life has been moving full speed ahead and it's all I can do to not get swept away myself! 

With that being said, this is your warning about the deluge of information you're going to receive in the next few posts. I may have been busy but I haven't stopped daydreaming! Duh. Spring has sprung, and so have all my fave stores' spring lines; my birthday's coming up (and not without a wishlist); school's almost over; and I'm concocting MAJOR plans for a summer in T-town. You're going to want to keep reading.

But, first things first, and while it's subtle (and possibly unexpected--I like to keep you on your toes) it is well worth a post!

This little number has become one of those movies I could watch on a loop for the rest of my life. So refreshing, some of my all-time fave actors all combined in a great feel-good movie. And the soundtrack! AMAZING. Might even be better than the movie itself, but I doubt it.

"Free Me"--Joss Stone
"Waiting For My Real Life To Begin"--Colin Hay
"Incredible"--Joss Stone
"New Shoes"--Paolo Nutini
"Stuck in the Middle with You"--Michael Buble
"Don't Hold Me Down"--Colbie Caillat
"Two Sleepy People"--Hoagy Carmichael
"Same Changes"--The Weepies
"Candy Shop"--50 Cent
"Are You Here"--Corinne Bailey Rae
"Gone In The Morning"--Newton Faulkner
"Strip Me"--Natasha Bedingfield

Trust me when I say you will be far from disappointed!