Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Who's that Girl?: Solange Knowles for Madewell

Well played, Madewell, well played. 

Ladies & gents, they've done it again! J. Crew's little sister called up Beyonce's little sister & they got together for sweets & treats & florals & chambray & had themselves a party. A few weeks ago, the brand announced Solange Knowles as their newest & freshest face & tossed her right into Madewell's latest campaign, "Mix Well. Madewell." 

And let me tell you, it was a good toss.

I mean, honestly, I'm considering a total top-to-bottom makeover so I can look just like her. Who cares if that's a wig/weave! Oh wait.

See what I mean? Prints with stripes & sweaters with sheep & men's shirts with pocket squares & perfection with perfection. (Your eyes are bugging out of your head, right? I know.)

And then, of course, they've got the quirky & cute little behind the scenes beauty that you can't take your eyes off of. The video is less than one minute long, but it's the best 50 seconds of your life. Trust me. 

After watching that, I was green with envy. I mean seriously. The hats, the clothes (that polka dot blazer? Died & gone to heaven.), the sunnies, the lip color (yes, that's right!), the HAIR!!! She has my dream life. I wanna be Solange Knowles! I didn't even know I liked Solange Knowles!!

I'm saving my pennies (& a lot of them too!) & adding a few things to my wishlist. Fall can't come soon enough! 

Mission accomplished, Madewell. You've sucked me in & I'm not quite sure I want back out.

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