Friday, August 24, 2012

"The Shops are coming! The Shops are coming!"

Move over Paul Revere! There's something new to holler about.

If you're like me, you've already spent a little too much time rearranging your budget for September 2012 in order to make room in your pocketbook for the second round of The Shops at Target (I'm the only one? You dirty birds.). 

It debuts September 9th & if you miss it, you might die! 

Beg to differ? You don't stand a chance.

Here's what they have to offer:


How cute & fun are Sarah & Beth? Kirna ZabĂȘte already has me swooning.
The floral trench will be mine! Count on it!


Meet the dynamic duo behind the 'sophisticated-cool menswear shop'

Spending the next two weeks finding a boy to buy these threads for. Guess brother & dad will have to do!


I think this is my favoritest favorite store of all time. Okay, maybe just the name. But I'm a sucker for knickknacks & tchotchkes! 

Already called dibs on the US Cutting Board!

Last, but not least!


Ironically, they're not actually in NYC, but rather, Boston! Makes it that much better.

You're welcome for the heads up!

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