Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'll try and catch you up to speed...

I should probably start this post off with some sort of long, sappy, drawn-out apology & a verifiable excuse for why I haven’t written anything for, oh, almost a year, BUT, considering I think maybe 3 people in the world actually read this (one of those being my mother), all you’re gonna get is this:

Wish I had some amazing reason as to my anything-but-brief hiatus, like a year of studying abroad or a great new business venture too time consuming to even give a thought to blogging! Alas, that has not been the case but life is good. This post is dedicated entirely to some of my fav things that have transpired thus far in 2012. 
The One Where Zach & Bailie Got Engaged!!!!!!!!!!
Sigh. One of my most favorite days of all time--AMAZING proposal, AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING ring, AMAZING party, AMAZING people. Seriously, one for the books! Can’t wait for 7-6-12 when they tie the knot!

The One With Lady Antebellum
Such a fun concert with such good friends. They are amazing live & Thompson Square & Darius Rucker weren’t too bad either. However, it did get a little weird when Darius ended his part of the show with Prince’s Purple Rain.

We may or may not have waited 2 hours after the show was over to meet them when they got on their tour bus--and it paid off! I became one of ‘those people’ and I have to admit I’m not ashamed.
The One Where Sophia Grace & Rosie Go to the Grammys
This is so not related to me, but I laugh every time I watch it. There’s just nothing quite like hearing a little 8 year old girl say, “I’m wearing Flo Rida’s shades!” in a British accent. 

The One With the Midnight Premiere
I’m not usually one to read the books & then see the movie, and I have ALWAYS been anti-Twilight books, HP books & things of that nature because they don’t peak my interest. So glad my friends had the good graces to talk me into read the beloved Hunger Games series because it made the movie that much better. I’m even more glad I contributed to the $155 million it grossed on opening weekend, even if my part was only $7.25. Midnight premieres are my favorite way to see movies because you either get the entire theater to yourself or get to see lots of crazy fans in insane costumes & it’s just way too thrilling. And if you get lucky, you get early seating in your theater & you don’t even have to wait in line. Cinemark Theater, how do I love thee? Let me count thy ways.

Sorry I look like a boy in this pic!

And even though I've already seen it, sometimes I watch the trailer again just because I can. Or I watch this instead.

Small side note: is it weird that the absolute depravity & barbaric nature of the actual Hunger Games didn’t really hit me until I saw it happening on screen?

Sorry to leave you with the awkwardness of there only being 4 things on this list of fav things. Kinda bugs me too!

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