Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ga-Ga for Gatsby

The Glitz. The Glam. The Gold.
The Grit. The Grime. The Gin.
The Get Ups.
The Grace.
And then lack thereof.

It's Prohibition, boys & girls, and it's never been so dazzling.

Safe to say Gatsby's got the whole world in a tizzy.
With all the fanfare, all I can hear is, "Everyone who's anyone can be Gatsby!"
How 21st Century of us.

Where do we even begin?

Let's see.
There was Vogue.

Funny you should mention those amazing clothes because take a look at the Brooks Brothers Madison Ave. Flagship Store!

I almost expect Daisy & Tom & Jordan & Nick & the whole gang to just waltz in any minute.

Can't forget the Tiffany Windows!

I mean...really?

Oh & what about Prada's Gatsby Fest?

Catherine Martin & Miuccia Prada Dress Gatsby. And dress them, they did.
The exhibition will be at the Prada Epicenter in Soho until May 12th. When you stop by, make sure you bring me back a souvenir.

And, of course, The Fitzgerald Suite at The Plaza. Swoon.

They pulled out all the stops to celebrate this cinematic masterpiece. And rightly so, considering the hotel is the backdrop for the storyline's pinnacle moment. There's Gatsby Hour at The Rose Club, new duds inspired by the film & the Fitzgeralds themselves in The Plaza Boutique, & Jazz Age Chocolate BonBons in The Palm Court.
I imagine Eloise is having a raw-ther good time. Fun, Fun, Fun.

I've never been as excited for anything in my life. Seriously.
What am I most excited for? asks you.

The Soundtrack. (Florence + the Machine, Jay-Z, Fergie, Gotye...not exactly 1920s Jazz but who cares.)
The Costumes. Catherine Martin needs Oscar nods.
But mostly? The Story.
After all, it is the great American novel (along with 17 other literary achievements, but who's counting.)

It almost gives me heart palpitations.
If you end up at the midnight premiere, I'll be the dame dolled-up in the drop-waist sequins doing the Charleston.

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