Friday, November 15, 2013

Rules to Live By

J. Crew opened its first chain store in London (crazy, right?) last week, complete with balloon frill, bespoke cabbies & blooms galore.

It might be the most charming thing I've ever seen.
London is calling, I just can't find my passport.

In honor of their newest venture, The Guardian chronicled Creative Director Jenna Lyons' (style icon #2) 10 Commandments. 

Here's a few I've chosen to live by:

1. Don't divide your wardrobe into smart and casual, but mix them up.

"For example, if you have one of our flip-hem wool skirts, you can wear it smart and flirty with a blazer and shirt and jewels and a heel. But you can also wear it dressed down, with an oversized sweatshirt and New Balance trainers."

I haven't totally committed to the New Balances yet, but never say never. 

2. Freshening up your look doesn't always have to be about buying something new.

"We might have a sweater on sale for six months, and we'll shoot it in six
different ways for the catalogue, which comes out monthly. It's a
challenge, but that's where the fun is. We're all about suggesting new
ways to wear the clothes you have."

Love this rule. More bang for your buck!

3. Party dressing should never be head-to-toe shine and sparkle.

"If you're wearing a jeweled top, then maybe wear it with a menswear trouser and a loafer. Things that play off each other, instead of matching up, create a fun mood."
No head-to-toe sparkle? Sorry, Jenna, but I disagree. More is more!

4. Mix colours in your jewelry, as well as your clothes.

"Try a stack of bracelets on each wrist, and rings on both hands, in a mix of yellow and rose-gold."

Done and done.

5. A masculine element will make any outfit more chic.

"Menswear is at the heart of everything we do at J. Crew. Even if it's a very fancy, feminine piece, like a jewelled T-shirt, if you drill down you'll find a tailored shape at its root."
I am LOVING this...commandment? (NO.) Suggestion? Way of life? You get it.

6. Don't ignore all those fabulous neon orange and moss-green pieces because you are not confident with color.

"Colour isn't easy for anyone. It's not easy for me! It's a challenge. It feels good to embrace a challenge."
I don't know about THAT but if I haven't worn most of the colors in the crayon box in one day, I find myself feeling unfulfilled. 
A few rules of my own I'd like to add:

1. Pattern on pattern is mostly a good thing. (Case in point)
2. Don't pay full price for anything unless it's absolutely necessary. In which case, it is absolutely necessary. (Like if you absolutely needed this. Which you do.)
3. Go big or go home. (See what I mean?)

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