Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Sister's Keeper

I've got a spot in my heart for the Ephron sisters. I've mentioned my love for Nora, & if my bookshelf is any indication, I don't plan on loving her any less in the near future. 

I read all of Nora's books last year (I Feel Bad About My Neck & I Remember Nothing rank high on my list of favorite reads); I treated myself to a performance of Love, Loss & What I Wore as a "Happy Birthday to me!" gift this past April & I've watched both Sleepless in Seattle & You've Got Mail in the past 4 days alone. I recommended Nora's memoirs to a friend before I was even halfway through her thoughts on hating her purse: "If I ever write a book," I said, "it will read just like Nora's."

But it's Delia who's making my head turn this month. The October issue of Vogue houses Meg, Nora & Me, a portrait of the three days it took Meg Ryan to record Delia's latest audiobook of Sister Mother Husband Dog (etc.) in New York, three things quintessential Ephron: words, the Big Apple &, well, Meg Ryan.

Can I be honest here? We're all friends, right? 
I'd never cried while reading Vogue & never felt that need to. I might have gotten a little teary reading this.

The piece, nestled between an excerpt from Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy (she's back!) & the issue's FLASH section, is appropriately categorized as nostalgia; a sort of sentimental longing crept in & before I knew it I had tears in my eyes. It's the perfect peek into the bond Delia shared with her sister & an honest account of the moment she realized she'd have to live life without her.

I'd copy the whole feature here if I could, but, alas, you'll just have to go & buy the glossy yourself (Sandra's on the cover & is fierce!).

This turned into an expose & I'm okay with it.

"Getting Nora to change her mind was like trying to reverse a very strong current."

"All work/meetings/adventures should begin ideally with the possibility of friendship, & in the case of women, maybe even sisterhood." 

"Did I have all the fun I could? Did I work hard enough? Did I thank everyone enough? Did I honor my sister in all those ways? And in the book itself? Or is it only my standards I have to live up to now?"

I picked up Delia's book yesterday. I'll let you know how it goes. I've prepared myself to love it almost too much. Here's hoping!

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