Friday, September 27, 2013

Tour de France: Marant Style

Hear ye,  hear ye! 
This is the official announcement of the unofficial conversion wherein this blog becomes less about not being a fashion blog and more about being a fashion blog.
Accept it.
Embrace it.
Move on.

You know what I love? Collaborations. Meeting in the middle. Melding of the minds.
This, my friends, is gonna be a doozy.

Isabel, meet H&M.
H&M, thank you.

November 14th marks the official launch date where the French designer Isabel Marant & a company favorite, H&M, rub elbows, swap stories, and give us something to pinch pennies for. Marant takes all the hip, cool (did I just use those two words in the same sentence?) Parisian street style our hearts could want & makes it accessible to Americans such as ourselves. I pine over most everything she creates; I recently joined the wedge sneaker club thanks to Ms. Marant. Granted they're Fake Its, but it alludes to the fact that I'm a fan, right? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? What can I say, I like the aesthetic.

Paris Chic, I think I love you.


Aren't you so inspired? Bring on the fringe boots, prints & patterns, & leather EVERYTHING!
Vogue is right--start making your wishlist now!

"I think my clothes are speaking about me better than anything."
Bingo. If I could sum up my life in a nutshell.

Marant with H&M Creative Advisor, Margereta van den Bosch, in Paris.

Save the Date, kiddies!
Time & money well spent.

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