Friday, February 22, 2013

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

In a fortuitous & exceedingly thrilling turn of events, there's been a rather non-nonsensical request for my services (huh?) in hosting the who's who of Manhattan's elite (got ya!) in a dinner party for the ages. By Manhattan's elite I didn't mean the Waldorfs or the Van der Woodsens or the Waldorf-Basses or the Humphrys, although that would be entertaining. Alas, Cecily von Ziesgesar has been there, done that.

I'm joking.

Take a chill pill! Hold your horses! Don't get your knickers in a twist! (What is with all the idioms today?) I know you're gravely disappointed to hear that the above superfluous statement is, indeed, falsified information. I'm not hosting the dinner party for the ages (Don't you think I should be? Me too.) but if I were...I've prepared the guest list ahead of time in case it turns out to be a last minute fete! Because I love dinner parties. I think they're my love language. 

I was getting a little overly ambitious, I think, when I decided on this list. But you try to compile a list of all the people you've ever wanted to be in the same room with & see if I'm bluffing when I say it's harder than you think.

Beyonce. Obviously. And yes, she's bringing Blue Ivy.

The Rat Pack. For entertainment. 

 George, darling. Because I can schmooze with the best of them.

Nora Ephron. And, "I'll have what she's having."

Jenna. That should've been an easy guess. 

Anna Wintour. She'd probably do all the talking since I'd be too busy picking my jaw up off on the ground.

Meryl. Naturally.

CZ Guest. I mean, good grief, her name is CZ.

The Lauren Family. Dylan's bringing dessert. And they need to see what Andrew's marrying into, considering he's still single. Not for long!

Cary Grant. My celebrity crush. He's too handsome.

Grace Kelly. I want to know if Nicole Kidman is doing her justice in the role of a lifetime.

Kate Spade. I'll ask to be her muse.

Judy Smith. The real life Olivia Pope!

Olivia Pope. Not an actual person, so...

Kerry Washington, whatever.

Di. I have questions that need answers.

Steve Martin, Dianne Keaton, Martin Short. My three favorite funny people.

And because there's plenty more where all of that came from, check out the full guest list here!
Dinner's at 8. See you then!

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